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  • FAQ’s

    Frequently asked questions regarding the 2020-2021 school start up: 

    Do we have health charts that will be sent out to parents? Yes, various charts are also posted under the CDC Health Guidance link. For response protocols, please see Public Health Exercise Scenario. 

    How will breakfast and lunches be handled? Breakfast will be served in the classroom and lunch times will be staggered for safety. For those doing remote learning, there will be an option of picking up meal kits from the school.

    What about nurses on campus? We will not have nurses at individual campuses; however, all staff have been trained in TEA approved courses.

    Is there a choice of on campus and remote learning for the year? Yes, We ask for families to make a commitment for the first 9 weeks.

    Is there anything in place for at home students with an IEP? Yes, Ms. Sykes will send information to parents who have individual student needs. Students with IEPS an Section 504 plans will have some agreed upon revisions to IEPs to address distance learning.  The revisions must be agreed upon with the school and parent and does not require an ARD. We will work with students on an individual basis.

    Can a student just wear a face shield vs. a face mask? We will follow recommendations from Region 12 and 13 by having students wear face masks. Shields will be used by adults for extra measure. If students have a particular condition when wearing a mask, please contact the principal.

    When is Open House/Meet the Teacher? How do parents get their kids school shits? Individual schools will be sending out information about Open House dates and dress code information.

    How is this all going to effect dual credit and P-TECH? We are  working with colleges to ensure that our students can still participate in dual credit and P-TECH courses.

    Will the thermometers be oral?  No, they are non-contact, infrared thermometers. Thermometers will be used in the morning before the students get too hot. Parents please remember to take temperatures at home as well.

    What is the protocol if a child is infected? There are various response protocols to different scenarios. We will follow the Public Health Exercise Scenario. 

    At what point do we find out who our student’s teacher is? Principals will contact you.

    How will teacher coverage be handled should an adult become ill? The campus will provide substitutes, paraprofessionals, and even principals to cover the class.

    Are students taking STAAR test this year? No official ruling has been made at this time.

    Is one teacher responsible for the classroom and virtual learning or are there teachers specifically for classroom and teachers for virtual learning? For consistency, general education teachers will be responsible for both and have structured their day to accommodate this. Tutoring support will be available.

    At what temperature will the children be sent home? We will follow the state recommendations.

    Are there rapid tests on campus: No

    How many days a week will the on campus learners be attending? 5 days a week

    What are the hours for school? 7:30 to 3:30

    Will on campus and distance learners be using the same platforms? Yes

    Will class size be reduced by 50%?  It will depend on class size.

    Will the remote learning be like? There will be two types of learning: synchronous and asynchronous learning. Majority of the learning will be asynchronous.

    Is there a hybrid attendance learning option? There will not be a hybrid attendance learning available; only at-home or at-campus learning.

    Are drop off morning procedures different this year? There will be changes in social distancing and utilizing thermometers .

    When choosing virtual vs. in person learning, will we get to see a sample schedule? Yes, the campus principal will be sending those to families. They will also be uploaded to the website.

    Will the distance learning be synchronous or asynchronous for K-2? Asynchronous for all grade levels.

    For virtual learning, will weekly assignments be sent out? Weekly assignments will be sent out.

    Will the students have to wear their uniforms if they are learning at home? This is a campus-based decision.

    Will virtual students need to come to school for STAAR testing? We are waiting for TEA guidance on the area of STAAR assessments.

    Will each child get a laptop computer for the school year for either remote learning and at school learning? A Chromebook or IPad will be available for each child enrolled.

    Will after school tutoring by teachers still be available? Yes

    Will sports still be offered this year? Yes

    If a student is doing at-home learning, will they be able to participate in athletics? No, if someone fears coming to school b/c of COVID-19 they would not want their students to participate.